Friday, 20 February 2009

Completed card swap card

This is the completed card from round 1 of Team 1's card swap, good eh? I (Mee) did the background, Patsy did the focal point and Tracy put on the finishing touches. I think it's turnrd out great and I'm going to use it for next months RAK. Looking forward to round 2 now :o)
It would be nice if the completed cards from all 3 rounds of each team could be uploded to the blog, if the final recipient needs any help to do this or wants to e-mail/MSM a pic to me I will be happy to help.

Jo x (aka Mee)


  1. WOW, it's turned out really really good.

    Well done Mee, Tracy and of course - ME hehehe

  2. wow the card looks great, well done all involved

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